Wednesday 21 August 2013

A Southern Visitor of an Unexpected Kind

In Winter 2012, I took a group of local paddlers out to North Stradbroke Island.  As we were passing Peel Island we noticed a strange object floating on the surface of the water - as we paddled over to investigate it disappeared with a splash and we were left speculating as to what it might have been.

On landing at Adder Rock on North Stradbroke Island we were surprised to find a New Zealand Fur Seal had come to visit.  We had a number of further sightings during the trip, including a seal pup we came across playing in the waves.

Over that winter there were a number of reported sightings of New Zealand Fur Seals within Moreton Bay and the islands .  Not sure of the purpose of their visit but they were a rare treat in these warm waters.

This one wasn't too concerned with all the attention.

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