Saturday 19 April 2014

Time for a new boat...

Well after a few months on land spending my spare time on the bike, I am about to get away for a week of paddling post Easter.  Thinking of packing everything I needed in the Nordy started me thinking about getting a new boat again.... a phone call or two later and now I have added a new Pace 17 Tour to the fleet.

The final decision came down to a price point - Taran V Pace 17.  The Taran, whilst being a bit more dynamic is also a lot more expensive given the current exchange rate, so much so that I couldn't justify it.

Hopefully I can sneak out for a paddle before we head off on Monday.  I'll post a trip report upon our return but the weather is looking sweet for a few days of kayaking, surfing, fishing and chillin'.

Have a great  Easter!

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