Sunday 3 August 2014

Testing the new Flat Earth Sail install in the Pace 17 Tour

Why do I like kayak sailing?  Traveling 42 kms in just over 4  hours is probably reason enough, but the fun of having your kayak running at 20 kms/hr as you catch the swell lines that just keep on forming is pretty special.  A 42 km slog turns into a 42 km surf session!

I was blown away by the new sail (yes - very droll...;-).  The only part of the setup that failed was that I lost a mini bow shackle that came undone.  There were two options in these shackles, and I chose the one that could be done up with your fingers and Jon chose the one that needed a flat bladed screw driver.  I think the water pressure hitting the shackle lug caused it to come loose so I'll be purchasing the ones that need the screw driver as replacements.

The swell picked up as we headed into the open water and we had some steep meter and a half + waves to drop into on our way past Wellington Point and out to Green Island. It was a hoot of a paddle and was great to get the boats up and humming.

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