Sunday 7 December 2014

A downwind slog

Mother nature didn't come to the party and deliver the promised 15-20 knots of northerly wind to assist us on a downwind run from Redcliffe south.  There was plenty of kayak bling on show as 3 Tarans, a Pace 17 and a ski lined up for the downwind blast - the only thing missing was the wind.

In a Queensland summer we are nearly always guaranteed to get some afternoon wind, but with the prediction for afternoon storms, a plan for an early morning down wind paddle was hatched earlier in the week.  We were watching the predicted wind models decrease the wind intensity over the week, but still were supposed to have between 10-15 knots off shore.

The original plan to go around Mud Island and down to Cleveland was shortened within half an hour of heading off shore, to head down to St Helena Island for a break before coming in at Manly Harbour to a well earned ice cold drink (thanks to the support crew for providing!).

Summer is well and truly here with a week of storms predicted so I think we will be early morning paddling only for the next few months.

The wind turned up as we were sitting at our destination, having slogged 30 kms, averaging 8.5 km/hr with no wind assistance at all - just four hours late!

It was great to catch up with some of our paddling mates who have been enjoying paddling ski's in recent times.  I'm not sure it was a great day out to convince them to get back into some sea kayaking but there is always another day!

Some further photos can be found at: Sutton Beach to Manly Harbour Paddle

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