Monday 12 January 2015

Another paddle in paradise!

I guess we all have our favourite paddling destination - mine just happens to be Noosa which is a couple of hours up the road from where I live.  The swell models for last weekend had around 6 feet of easterly swell moving around with a reasonable wave period so the likelihood of running the gauntlet at Hells Gates was going to be a little unlikely.

We left the calm waters of the Noosa River to paddle out through the Noosa Bar.  The swell breaking on the bar was a heavier than expected with some larger sets coming through and pounding onto the outside banks which required some sitting in the impact zone and timing your run out onto the calmer waters of Laguna Bay.

The bay was glassy with a light winds from the NE and a rolling fat swell gently lifting our boats as we made our way over to first point which was breaking close to the rocks - but well protected from the easterly swell.

Tea Tree was a picking up a bit more swell, but small and crowded so we kept paddling around to Granite Bay which was picking up some larger swell.

We paddled past A-Bay and down to Sunshine Beach to look at the swell pounding onto the Eastern facing beaches before coming back to Granite Bay for a surf.

The swell was running very quickly so the rides were fast and furious.  Click on the link to the video below for some on-water footage.

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