Monday 30 March 2015

Weekend Escape

We hadn't had an over night stay out of the kayaks for a while so a call was put out and we ended up with enough for a quorum for a boys weekend somewhere close to home where we could get out for a surf, or just chill.

With a longer trip coming up later in the year, it was a good chance to sort out my camping gear to see if it would fit in the boat with all the additional bits and pieces I have been stockpiling over time.

The day started out a little foreboding with stormy skies and the occasional storm cell trying to form, but it ended clearing up and getting hot - far too hot for this time of year so most of the team took to trying out new sleeping devices, complaining that the early morning start required sleeping the day away.

Whilst the hammock boys chilled at the campsite some of us went surfing and exploring the local coast line, checking out a fresh water creek and some local sand blows.

After a hard day in the hammock, the boys were a little keen to start sun downers early.  It was good to see Craig emerge once the shadows started to lengthen, though I have it on good authority that the boys did walk around to see what was happening on the bar when we went for a surf.

We had a late arrival with another local paddler dropping through for the evening frivolity, bringing a new type of dry bag that has been setup as an esky full of ice cold beer (apparently Rosco sells these in some different sizes).

Sunset turned into evening as the lads swapped stories over drinks.  Normal bloke stuff and we should get together and do it more often.

Thanks to Graham for putting the following short video together:
Smarter Not Harder from Graham Dredge on Vimeo.

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