Wednesday 11 November 2015

Peel Island again

We left Cleveland Point with 15-20 knots of beam wind and fought our way across to the north side of Peel Island where we floated through the mangroves in complete shelter from the wind with only some heron's and collared kingfishers for company.

The wind model had the wind turning to the south and keeping in the 10 to 15 knot range so we were looking forward to the down wind trip home after the slog around the island pushing into the wind.

We decided to let the tide turn and have a break at Platypus Bay before hoisting the sails for the downwind home - that would be the down winder that never happened.  The wind dropped off so we had a flat water paddle home.

The March Flies were out in force on Peel Island so I am guessing they are only going to increase across summer.  This one was annoying me and a bit slower than her mates!

Not enough flies were injured in the taking of this photo!  Here are some of the other shots from around Platypus Bay.

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