Saturday 22 July 2017

Moreton Island Paddling

 A typical Queensland winters morning - around 8 degrees and a classic clear sky and a gentle south-westerly breeze. The colours at this time of year under our clear skies are always dynamic.

The 10-15 knot South Westerly failed to show and there was just a hint of wind around so a nice flat water paddle was on offer for the crossing to Moreton Island from Bribie Island.

We had a few days of strong westerlies earlier in the week which had blown the sea stars out of the sea grass and onto the western beaches on Moreton Island.

This lot were clustered around the shallow pools near the Bulwer Wrecks.

This is the resident tern on his favourite perch.

Some green to go with the blue - Bulwer Wrecks.

Cockpit view on the crossing - all shades of blue.

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