Monday 21 August 2017

Scouting out a sea cave on Humpy Island

On a recent trip to the Keppel Islands, some of the crew decided to have a day off the water to explore the cliffs on Humpy Island to scout for some potential new sea caves.

The entrance to this cave is a little narrow and there is a large rock over the entrance where I was standing to take the picture so low tide access is recommended as is low swell.

The cave isn't as impressive as the well known sea cave on northern end of North Keppel Island (see below), but it is worth exploring if you have the opportunity.

North Keppel Island Sea Cave - advise bringing kayak lights to see in this cave as it goes back and hooks around so you have no visible light.  This cave could have done with a good flushing out!

This is the bay on the southern side of Humpy Island that has the sea cave - the point is on the south-east side of the island.

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