Saturday 14 September 2013

Deloraine Island - Whitsunday Group

Google Earth is your friend as a trip planning aid - This is one of the islands that I included on my bucket list after poking around Google Earth looking for some alternative paths through the Whitsundays. Deloraine Island is one of the outside islands and whilst not wanting to over promote this island - it is a bit of a gem.

It has a north facing coral beach, offering protection from winds with any south in them.  It is surrounded by a fringing reef where spearing is allowed.

In the winter months whales can be heard passing by, and very little else as tourists, including charter boats don't venture this far out.  It isn't an ideal anchorage so you won't be overrun by the boating fraternity, but you will need to watch your tides and currents as there are over-falls created in this area by tidal action.

No water or facilities, but mobile phone access (try the headland or western beach).  Note that you usually loose mobile phone reception on the Eastern side of Whitsunday or Hook Islands so it was unexpected.

With a bit of planning, you can enhance your next trip to the Whitsundays - and treat yourself to some crayfish if you can catch them!

Some images below taken from and around Deloraine Island in 2012.

Deloraine Island - Whitsunday Group from Paul Wilton on Vimeo.

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