Tuesday 3 September 2013

Sea Kayaking around Rainbow Beach and Double Island Point

I have surfed and fished this part of the world for a lot of years, but haven't ever been Sea Kayaking along this stretch of coast. A quick plan was hatched with a couple of fellow sea kayakers and  we took off for an exploratory paddle last weekend to check out the potential for running a club trip up this way.

We have had a week of northerlies which kept the swell small and the temps up around 28 degrees C for the last day of winter. The water was  crystal clear and the ocean life plentiful.  Within minutes of being on the water we were encountering Bottle-Nose Dolphins and Turtles.  Whales pass close to this headland and whilst we didn't see any on the water, people had been viewing them earlier in the week.

There was nothing not to like for a Sea Kayaker!  It would be close to a 30km return paddle from Rainbow Beach which means you don't need to worry about the tides or slogging through some soft sand in your 4WD.  Paddling around the headland would be under 10kms if you drove up to the point.

We took the opportunity to paddle over to Fraser Island on the Sunday and had an impromptu surf session at Hook Point.  This is an amazing part of the world and well worth spending some time here outside the holiday season.

The only negative to the whole weekend was camping at Inskip Point - it was very busy.  We ended up camping in the SS Dorrigo campsite which was further away from the point and less crowded.  That said, Fraser Island is just a stones throw away...

201308 Rainbow Beach from Paul Wilton on Vimeo.

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