Saturday 14 June 2014

Paddling on glass

Winter in this part of the Southern Hemisphere has failed to turn up as yet with the only tell tale signs being the shortening days.  It was 16 degrees this morning as we took off for a 30 km training paddle - it wasn't long before we were covered in sweat and wondering when our cooler mornings were going to turn up.

Our training paddle was interrupted by an inspiring sunrise so our average speed dropped away as we sat appreciating the beauty of the breaking day.  We had the promise of some wind picking up later in the morning but it failed to eventuate so it was a flat water paddle on the ocean.

Whilst calm conditions on the ocean offer some artistic scope for capturing images, they are a bit boring for the ocean paddler.  We ended up trying to entertain ourselves as we clicked over the kilometers - and no, we didn't tip anybody out of their boats!  So the inventory for the day ended up being a couple of dolphins, a school or two of bait fish, one small shark, a number of birds and floating debris.

The yellow marker off Woody Point turned out to be the boundary marker for the North-Eastern corner of a green zone.

We paddled past the Sandgate Jetty on the way back into Shorncliffe and noticed that the council had erected a barrier to stop people getting to the end of the pier as it was no longer considered safe.  I'm not sure what the plans are but it is bit of an icon so I hope it doesn't end up being dismantled.

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