Saturday 28 June 2014

Scarborough to Bribie Is via Gilligans return - here comes the front...

This was the front we were looking for!  It just failed to deliver the 15-20 knots of tail wind we wanted in a timely manor so we ended up paddling home in another glass out to complete a 35km training paddle against the run in and run out tides (yup - I did actually plan it that way).

We were tossing up a plan to paddle over to Moreton Island, but 25-30 knots of headwind on the way home put those plans to rest. Plan B was hatched to paddle from Scarborough to Bribie Island, and get some surfing in on Gilligans (a sandbank off Skirmish Point) whilst we waited for the front to come through and liven up proceedings for the crossing home.

We were treated to another great sunrise over Moreton Island as we made our way to Skirmish Point for breakfast.  A pod of dolphins kept us entertained as we sat on the beach hatching a plan for the rest of the paddle.

The front came through as we made our way over to Gilligans where we stayed to play in the surf for a while before paddling against the tide back to Scarborough.  The wind failed to turn up until we reached our destination - where the wind sock went from hanging limp to horizontal within 5 minutes of us turning up. This flat water paddling is doing my head in - bring on some wind and swell!

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