Thursday 10 July 2014

"The Head" - Condamine River

We took a short family holiday at the head waters of the Condamine River, up from Killarney in the border ranges.  We stayed at a old farm house known as "Mill Cottage" (part of Oakleigh) next to "The Head" on the slopes of Mount Superbus and the Cambanoora Gorge.

With no set agenda other than sitting in front of the fire and reading, we achieved our holiday goals.  I did take my mountain bike and rode to Killarney on the Condamine River Road which was a beautiful ride, crossing the Condamine River 14 times;  now known to me as the shoe on, shoe off ride.  In the middle of winter with sub-zero mornings, walking the creek crossings brought tears to my eyes to go with my numb feet!  It would be a good day ride to take off from Queen Mary Falls, and do the circuit via Spring Creek Rd and then Condamine River Rd into Killarney and then back up to Queen Mary Falls.


  1. I love the area, Spring Creek mountain Cafe, the river crossing (driven only) and the waterfalls, a great place to go.

    1. We enjoyed our visit so no doubt will be back again at some point to do some more exploring.