Saturday 19 July 2014

The Winter Westerlies

Winter has arrived and is making its presence felt in our part of the world.  With strong westerlies and only single digit temperatures predicted, I was looking forward to a sleep in and the morning spent faffing around the workshop installing the new Flat Earth Sails that we needed to fit for an upcoming expedition.  That plan fell through when Australia Post failed to deliver via their not so Express Post service, so a new plan was hatched on Friday night.

No alcohol was involved, but somehow we had decided to battle the westerlies in a one way paddle from Victoria Point to Oyster Point in Moreton Bay with the outgoing tide.  This is a great paddle when you have a southerly blow and you have a good meter or so of bay runners happening, not to be mistaken when you have an off shore (westerly) wind blowing...

The best part of the trip was when we ran with the waves for a few hundred meters whilst waiting for the Stradbroke ferry to pass by.  The rest of the 24 kms was a slog fest into a head/cross wind and the resultant wind waves.

I may have a tainted view of the trip as I pinched a nerve in my shoulder which is on the mend after a bike accident and struggled with it for the trip - just didn't have my zen mind set happening today!

The winter sunrise was the highlight of my day...that and the anti-inflammatory drugs after I got home :-)

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