Monday 29 September 2014

Up the coast for a quick surf

I had to sneak an early paddle in on Saturday this weekend due to a list of jobs at home that has started to seriously affect my lifestyle!  An early start and an hour or so later I had the kayak in the water at Mooloolaba with a plan to do a short paddle around Point Cartwright to find some surf along the open beach at Kawana.

There wasn't a lot of wind around so we had glassy conditions on the water and fat meter of swell running on the open beach.  The waves were dumping onto the shore break, but were forming enough on the outside bank to pick up and surf through to shallow water.

We only ended up with about 15 kms paddled after returning to Mooloolaba to practice some rolling and balancing (well attempting to balance).  The lazy surf must have been enough to prepare me for some serious gardening (and not of the rock variety!)

I finished the garden off on Sunday so it is all planted out.  On to the next thing on the list - retaining walls that need replacing...:-(

Some video footage shot around Point Cartwright.

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