Saturday 4 October 2014

All roads lead to Noosa

Noosa is one of my favourite paddling destinations, just an hour and half drive from BrisVegas. I have surfed here since the 70's and can understand why people travel from all over the world to visit.

Today we had an outgoing tide and some messy swell coming in from the North which meant wind and swell against tide on the Noosa Bar, a constantly changing shallow bar which has swell pushing out of deeper water breaking heavily onto the outside banks before pushing into the river mouth - 200 meter rides with the right conditions.

The plan was to spend the morning surfing at various destinations from the Noosa Bar, around to Alexandria Bay on the eastern side of the headland and back through the three bays; Granite, Tea-Tree and National before surfing the bar again if we had any energy left.

The Noosa river offers a number of good places to launch from that are close to the bar - here we are taking off from a canal off Weyba Creek.

Graham joined us for a surf at the Noosa Bar, but the conditions weren't surf ski friendly today.  For the start of a spring long weekend in Queensland and the end of the school holidays we had very little company on the water.

There was more swell running than expected and the outgoing tide had the waves standing up - my kayak bow is in there somewhere!  We experienced some lumpy water today with a lot of rebound off the cliffs around the Noosa National Park headland.  There was some bigger swell running around the headland so running the gauntlet in Hells Gates was off the agenda, but Granite Bay was picking up some of the swell so we had some fun runs back into the more protected bays as we made our way back down to Noosa.  The following is some kayak cam of the surfing around Noosa.

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