Saturday 11 October 2014

Its not all about the kayak

For me kayaking is a medium that allows me to explore the natural world in way that I become immersed in nature. Each trip I plan has more island time than kayaking time - a chance to explore, discover and capture images of this amazing planet we live on.

One of the critical bits of kit I take with me is my camera collection which to date has consisted of two under water cameras and one point and shoot land-based camera.  The underwater cameras allow images and video to be shot of the journey on the water, as well as underwater as a lot of my trips are out to islands and coral atolls around the Great Barrier Reef.  I generally have more underwater footage than above water footage when I return from these types of trips!

My family have just added to my camera collection and have supplied me with a new DSLR camera for capturing land-based images.  Now I am going to need to find some more space to put another 1 and a bit kilograms of camera gear!

I've spent the past couple of weeks fast tracking my knowledge and experimenting with the new camera in a range of different lighting and environments - Google has been my friend!

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