Saturday 28 February 2015

Bribie Island to Moreton Island Return

This is one of my favourite day paddles, even better when you can stay a few nights on Moreton!  It involves a 16 km crossing, including the main shipping channel into Brisbane, so around 2 hours each way.

You need to watch your tides as there are a number of points where the tide runs between 3-5 knots at peak flow, and in heavy swell, the banks on the other side of the shipping channel will have breaking waves on them.

We were on the water around 6:40 am and at Bulwer by 8:45 am, pushing into a slight headwind and the remains of the swell generated by Cyclone Marcia and the subsequent low pressure systems which past by last week.

The wind dropped off near the shipping channel and we were left paddling in glassy conditions for part of the crossing.

This seems to be a replacement beacon (opposite the M2 beacon) which makes the shipping channel wider than it has been in the past.  The shipping channel markers are a little north of a direct line to Bulwer, but it is advisable to cross at the markers so you know where you are in terms of the channel.

We took some shots of the Bulwer Wrecks before heading into Bulwer for second breakfasts (closed on Tuesdays!).

We headed around to the North shore of Moreton for a surf after breakfast just to ensure we were completely exhausted before crossing back to Bribie giving us 42.7 kms of paddling.

We saw plenty of dolphins in the water today as well as a shark which jumped out of the water a couple of times creating a large splash on the surface - couldn't make out the species as all we saw was the silvery grey colouring and the resultant splash. 

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