Sunday 8 February 2015

Mud Island on a spring high tide

A couple of us headed out to Mud Island with a plan to paddle into a 15 knot SE headwind against the tide and then after exploring some of the lagoons and creeks on the island, paddle/sail home with 10-15 knots pushing us home.

Taking off from Shorncliffe, you take an easterly tack to get to Mud Island, crossing the Brisbane Channel at the "Coffee Pots".  Strangely enough the SErly had more south in it so we ended up with a beam wind assisting us out to the island and a tail wind on the way home - who am I to complain!

We explored a tidal creek from the north side of the island before being chased off the island by a swarm of overly friendly mosquitoes.  With some more tide and a lot of bug spray we could have potentially joined up with some water from the southern side of the island - but there were a lot of mangroves in the interior with little in the way of a  clearly defined channel.

We beat a hasty retreat and headed around to the eastern side of the island where we paddled over a coral bank into the interior of the island.

We saw a lot of turtles and fish and think the crabs would be well fed since they started dragging whale carcasses onto the island to decompose. We didn't come across any whale bones but assume they were in the lagoons on the western side of the island which had the best access for larger boats.

A nice 41 km paddle.

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