Sunday 12 July 2015

Back from North Queensland

I'd like to say it is good to be home but its not.  Its bloody cold after three weeks spent in North Queensland which felt like summer to return home to an Antarctic cold front which is dumping snow over our southern states and making me wish I was back in the tropical north!

We had a great trip downwind paddling from Townsville to Mission Beach, hiking and snorkeling our way along a number of islands and reefs when we weren't spending time chillin' in our hammocks or sitting around a fire on a remote beach.

I'm sorry to say we didn't come across any crocs in our travels!  The locals tell me they are around and can be found sunning themselves on creek banks at low tide during the day and they are getting more immune to our presence and not as easily disturbed.  We did look, stalking our way through mangrove inlets but all we found was an Echidna!

Along with paddling around 250 kms over 19 days, we hiked for miles exploring the islands along the way including hiking sections of the Thorsbourne Trail (twice - one way in one way out).

I'm currently processing through hundreds of photos and will look to put together a trip report over the coming weeks.  I'll leave you with a selection of photos from the first few days of our trip.

Looking south from Castle Hill over Cape Cleveland - Townsville

Pallendra takeoff for Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island Sunrise

Archeron Island

Havannah Island

Orpheus Island Sunset

Hammock time - didn't use my tent for the entire trip which meant wasted space in my kayak!

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