Friday 17 July 2015

Nina Bay

Hinchinbrook Island - Zoe Bay to Nina Bay

It is only a short paddle around from Zoe Bay to Nina Bay.  If the wind was howling from the South or East, then Banksia Bay would be a good option as it is very sheltered on all sides apart from the NE.

There is a creek on the northern end which you can paddle in and out of at high tide - give way to crocs!

 The photos speak for themselves - just another piece of paradise!

Wash day in paradise - apparently....

Fresh water swimming hole at the southern end of Nina Beach

Jono and I decided to climb Nina Peak in the dark to capture sunrise over the north end of the island.

We paddled over to Banksia Bay to check out the campsite and then out to Agnes Island for a play in the surf over the reef.

We did some tests on wild life and their response to dehy during the trip.  Fish definitely said no to dehy as did the local goanna.  After a taste of dehy, we never saw him again.

Phone Reception: No (climb Nina Peak and face Cardwell for a good signal)
Fresh Water Available: Yes (running creeks)
Best Campsite:  Northern campsite away from main track
Toilet: Yes
Table: Yes (ish - made from driftwood)
Green Ants: Yes
Sand Fly's: Yes
Mosquitoes: Yes
Reef: No

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