Thursday 16 July 2015

Magnetic Island

Pallarendra to Magnetic Island

Gary and April had stopped just short of Townsville the night before we took off and did the short drive to the Pallarendra for our pack and go.  Thanks to one of Jono's friends, we were able to leave our vehicles at their house which was just a few minutes walk from out put in, awaiting the end of trip car shuffle.

We had an 18 knot  southerly wind beam on for our crossing to Magnetic Island, which made the trip a little bumpy but comfortable in our loaded boats (some a little more loaded than others!).

We took a direct line across to Hawkings Point (between Picnic and Nelly Bay) before paddling around the corner in the clapotis caused by the waves rebounding off the island.  Our destination was "Base Backpackers", where we would spend the next two days.

I had been keen to commando camp on the north shore of the island in some of the more remote bays but this place had campsites available close to the beach,  so unwittingly we changed the plan to incorporate two nights here.  It wasn't quite the remote camping we were looking for with the music echoing across the water guiding us to what would be our home for the next two nights.

The views were great and with ear plugs it wasn't too bad. There isn't any teenagers in this picture as they were up all night at the bar partying loud and hard which is what the place promotes. I may have stepped over a few on the beach on my way to taking some sunrise photos.  

We spent the first two days exploring the island and eating out at the local Thai restaurant, keeping that dehy food for a later date.

Horseshoe Bay

Picnic Bay

The wind was up over 25 knots and we had showers for our lay day, so a perfect day for hiring some scooters and zipping around the island.  For the record, my scooter was the slowest and nothing to do with weight to engine capacity!

We took off for a quick morning paddle before the predicted winds turned up a weather change for the afternoon.

Phone Reception: Yes
Fresh Water Available: Yes
Best Campsite:  Northern side of the island for the remote experience but Base for the amenities
Toilet: Yes
Table: Yes
Green Ants: Yes
Sand Fly's: No
Mosquitoes: No
Reef: Yes

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