Saturday 18 July 2015

Coombe Island

Brook Islands to Coombe Island

We had a fun run into Coombe Island, catching runners and enjoying being on the ocean.  The conditions were friendly with a nice tailwind helping us to keep a good paddling average.  There was some coral spawn in the water as we came down the western side of Coombe Island which didn't bode well for the water visibility.

The campsite on Coombe is on the northern side of the island.  There is all tide access to a sand/coral bank. A reef platform surrounds the island and we found the eastern side more sheltered for a snorkel, though the visibility wasn't great.

If you came at the right time of year, there is a grove of Paw Paw trees on the island that were bearing some good looking fruit.

I don't often play with night photography but it was a cloudless night and I had some time on my hands.

Wheeler Island is the first island you see on the left, hiding Bedarra Island with Dunk Island on the right

We had a lazy morning waiting for the tide to turn for our paddle into Dunk Island.  The wind had dropped and we ended up taking off an hour or so before the turn of the tide - which turned out to be a good move as we were in time for a cold beers and hot food on Dunk!

Phone Reception: Yes
Fresh Water Available: No
Best Campsite:  North Western Corner (seemed to be a nice beach on Hudson Island as well)
Toilet: No
Table: Yes
Green Ants: Yes
Sand Fly's:  Yes
Mosquitoes: Yes
Reef: Yes
Fish: No
Crayfish: Yes

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