Friday 17 July 2015

Sunset Beach

Hinchinbrook Island - Nina Bay to Sunset Beach

We loaded our boats on the edge of the creek at Nina Bay and punched out through the surf for our trip up to Cape Sandwich and Sunset Beach.

We had a good bit of swell running with the SErly still up around 20 knots so we made great time up to Cape Sandwich.  Surfing around the point was great fun as we slipped into the calm of the bay.

This place may have been misnamed - maybe it should have been called Sandfly Beach!  Jono and I decided to get back on the water sans head nets to escape the wretched creatures.

We paddled the bays towards Cape Richards for a bit of an explore and to see if there was an idyllic campsite waiting for us further into the bay.  There were some potential campsites, but the sandflies were still a bit too familiar with no breeze.

One of the only times you will see me picking coconuts by hand at the top of a coconut palm :-)

Maybe a little perspective will help explain my sudden increase in agility.

I walked into the rain forest that comes down to the beach to be surrounded by a swarm of butterflies of which their were thousands - none in focus but you will get the idea.

The Brook Island were only a few kms off shore and the sandflies were too friendly to spend two nights on this end of the island.  Our plans changed to include a snorkel on the island before heading off to Coombe Island.

You do get to see the sunset!

Phone Reception: Yes (climb the rocks at the northern end of the beach for 3 bars)
Fresh Water Available: Yes
Best Campsite:  Only one small campsite but could make do.
Toilet: No
Table: Yes (ish - made from driftwood)
Green Ants: Yes
Sand Fly's: Yes!!!!!
Mosquitoes: Yes
Reef: No

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