Saturday 18 July 2015

Dunk Island

Coombe Island to Dunk Island

Well our trip was nearly over as we paddled away from Coombe Is past Wheeler Is and Bedarra Island onto our last island destination - Dunk Island.

The wind dropped and we paddled close to the islands to spend some time in the rock gardens and bays along the way.  We paddled to the west side of islands given the wind had dropped down to around 5 knots.

We finally paddled around the sand spit on Dunk Island to the protected cove where we would camp for the next two nights. It was a hot paddle given we didn't take off until lunch time so we were happy to get off the water and tuck into a cold beer at the kiosk.

The resort itself is still closed - another 18 months or so away from opening again.  You can still see the ravages of cyclone Yazi on some of the accommodation.

Still the location is fantastic and as it is so close to Mission Beach there is a lot of tourist traffic coming over for a day trips - or at least during school holidays.

After a beer we set up our campsite for the next couple of days and headed off for hot showers and a look around.  I had to get some butterfly photos for the family as well so getting them in focus is never easy!

The campsite had a table and a couple of trees to hang my hammock so all was good!

Everybody was getting in on the hammock act

We did the full hiking loop around the island the following day and came back to another cold beer and cooked lunch.  Some of us were over dehy so we were having a late lunch and calling it dinner.

The track hasn't been well maintained but it was an interesting walk, though by the end I was ready to put my feet up and chill for the rest of day.

A fitting end to a great trip.  We were up early the following morning for a quick hop across to Mission Beach where we had to do 5+hr car shuffle to and from Townsville.

Phone Reception: Yes
Fresh Water Available: Yes
Best Campsite:  Campsite 2
Toilet: Yes (and hot shower though you had to run around to get wet)
Table: Yes
Green Ants: Yes
Sand Fly's:  Yes
Mosquitoes: Yes
Reef: Yes

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