Friday 17 July 2015

Havannah Island

Archeron Island to Havannah Island

The swell was still running as we left Archeron and the wind was 15-20 knots from the SE. As we came out of the lee of the island we picked up both the wind and the swell for the crossing to Havannah Island. We kept surfing the waves to our right hand quarter before lining up the swell to run into the reef platform on the western side of Havannah Island.

Welcome to the Palm Island Group!  Havannah is the southern most island in the Palm Island group of islands and as with most of the islands the best landing place is on the north western quarter of the island.  The reef platform near the island is exposed at low tide but you should be able to find a channel through from the north side of the island - but it would be advisable to land by the middle of the outgoing tidal run.

There is an expansive reef on the west and north side of this island with Fly Island a short distance off shore.

The island has great views over a number of small islands which sit off shore from the Greater Palm Island.

There are lots of Davidson Plum's on the island so I am sure there would be a lot of nocturnal visitors when the fruit is ripe.

The reef was interesting but the reef edge ends up a long way off shore and with low visibility and Tiger Sharks I wasn't that keen on following the reef into deeper water.  There weren't a lot of fish on the reef platform, but maybe we didn't come across the best section of reef.

When I am planning trips I don't like to plan for too many single night stop overs as I find it more relaxing to have at least two nights in each camp.  This was the last of our single night stop overs for a while so I was looking forward to Orpheus for a rest day and a bit of bush walking/rock hopping.

Phone Reception: Yes
Fresh Water Available: No
Best Campsite:  North-West coral/sand bank
Toilet: No
Table: No
Green Ants: Yes
Sand Fly's: No
Mosquitoes: No
Reef: Yes


  1. Hi. Nice article. Do you know if you need a permit or permission to camp on Havannah? If so, do you know who to contact? Thanks.

  2. Hi Matthew,

    We tried to contact the council on Palm Island and the people who took our calls were nice, but the key people we were seeking to speak with didn't return our calls/emails so we didn't end up getting official permission and it also meant we didn't drop through Palm Island as I wasn't sure how we would be received. If you contact the council you may have more luck than we did when we were planning the trip.